Got Yoto , trying to figure out . So the original one is not good for on the go like in car? How long does the charge ho

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Got Yoto , trying to figure out . So the original one is not good for on the go like in car? How long does the charge hold on? I bought it with the adventure jacket to carry with, tell me i didn’t do mistake by getting original instead of mini 🙈
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Original's battery will last a few hours. Not great for continuous listening on a long card ride or something but fine for short outings.
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It can work for the car. I’ve brought ours on 2-3 hour car rides and the battery has lasted. One time we brought it when driving to visit someone, so we charged it at their house.
Once we went camping and my son listened to it for about an hour each way, plus an hour or two at the campsite. We had to limit it to make sure the battery lasted but it was still good!
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We have both, as we got the original before mini was launched. The original's battery lasted about 5hr, was fine for short car journey abit bulky for flights though. The original is good for home.
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We take our original in the car for trip. We only ever go three hours away but it lasts there and back. Now my daughter doesn’t listen the whole time. We take our original around the house all day and we have never had it die. Max amount of hours I think we have had used it around the house was 4-5 hours on and off throughout the day. I have it so it turns itself off after 5 min of no use to make sure the battery doesn’t die.
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We have no issues using it in the car. Just make sure that the cards are downloaded and that the volume can be turned all the way up. We find the kids need to turn the volume up higher than at home and we got stuck once as I'd put the volume limiter on and you can't adjust it without WiFi.
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We take our. It won’t work well for long/multi-day trips but it works fantastic for waiting for older siblings activities, grocery shopping, and waiting rooms.
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You can get an adapter to plug it in to the cars outlet.
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My daughter listens to sleep radio all night and it lasts. Its usually on its Dock but she's been known to take it off and it still lasts all night.
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We used the big one for car rides for ages until we got a mini. I much prefer a mini tbh but the big one can def work for the car too. And children sometimes prefer that the icon comes up nice and big 🙂
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