Hi I ordered a bunch of make your own cards to use with library content but I don’t know how! I have Libby and overdrive

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Hi I ordered a bunch of make your own cards to use with library content but I don’t know how! I have Libby and overdrive. I’m in the USA. Thanks in advance for your help!
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You can’t download from those.
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I get audio CDs from the library. If your library is part of a network, you can place whatever you want on hold and it can come from another library. Then I rip the CD onto my computer. You will need a CD drive to do this. Legally, you will need to delete the content once you return your content to the library. My library does not have late fees so I keep the content as long as we are interested in it!
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Keep in mind that there is TONS of free, legal content out there that is great for MYO on a budget. Podcasts are our favorite to MYO. If you do want to MYO library content, you can check out audiobooks on CDs and download that way. I bought an external CD drive specifically for this use because my kiddo blows through content so fast and doesn’t mind deleting/returning when she’s done.
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I did record myself reading short stories and made card out oc it. I will try to ask other family members to do the same.
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If you want more classical books, librivox is a free download source. We have gotten allice in wonderland and rageddy Ann, etc. Google books also has great prices if you are looking to buy/own. We use myo for books we cannot get on yoto. Like pippi Longstocking, so the cost evens out if not cheaper or free.
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Yes, order CDs through your library or inter library loan through LINK+.
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Someone mentioned freegal music recently. If your library has it you can download 5 tracks per card per week. We got the Bluey album this week.
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