Is anyone else disappointed by the Paw Patrol bedtime stories card?

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Post by Molly »

Is anyone else disappointed by the Paw Patrol bedtime stories card?

We have the Daniel Tiger sleepy stories card and my 3 year loves it, so I got her the Paw Patrol card. I was expecting nighttime stories like on the Daniel Tiger one, but it’s just regular Paw Patrol stories that have nothing to do with nighttime or bedtime or dreaming - they’re just read in a very quiet voice. I like the way the Daniel Tiger ones do it so much better.
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Post by Shanna »

At first I thought the quiet voice was weird on goodnight adventure bay, but now I really appreciate it. The kids can listen to stories they love without getting amped up. I actually got the bedtime daniel tiger card after and was a little disappointed that it wasn’t told in a quiet voice.
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Post by Fiona »

We have the Good Night Spaceman one and my 4 yr old enjoys that at bedtime. Its one of the only ones to not 'wake him up'.
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Post by Johanna »

My toddlers love the strange, calm bedtime voice on the bedtime paw patrol card. The regular 5 minute story paw patrol card is super engaging and it's got music and sound effects. The part that gets me is the stories are abridged so my daughter was very much like *those are not the words*
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Post by Corinna »

Oh no.. I literally just bought it 😅 bc they love the Peppa & Daniel Tiger ones
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Post by Jessica »

I felt the same at first, but my kid loves paw patrol and the quiet voice really soothes him to sleep. So overall I am very happy with the card!
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Post by Corinne »

I actually don’t like the Daniel Tiger Cards for bed because of all the voices and snippets of song. Too engaging 😂
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Post by Katie »

Hmmm I think it’s a good sneaky bedtime one. My kid won’t listen to stories if he knows they’re sleep related, but this one does it undercover and it helps relax him but as soon as he realises he’s getting tired with the ‘sleepy’ ones, he wants it turned off
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Post by Kyrstin »

It’s my sons favourite bedtime card.
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Post by Yvonne »

My 3yr old loves it, but we do always have to listen to the goodnight track too.

It doesn't seem to wake him up, but then sometimes he chooses to listen to "who's in my audio book" before bed so anythings better than that 🤣
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