My daughter is about to turn one. She is obsessed with her older brother’s Yoto Mini (which he is understandably possess

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My daughter is about to turn one. She is obsessed with her older brother’s Yoto Mini (which he is understandably possessive about), but I want to wait until she is a bit older before we spend the money on a second Yoto. I know it’s nowhere near as good as a Yoto player, but has anyone utilized the LeapFrog Let’s Record Music Player for a younger sibling? Or should I just wait until she is old enough (in my opinion) for a Yoto? She just loves listening to music so much.
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We went through the same (literally exactly the same) thing. I could have written this post lol. I said I was definitely not going to buy a yoto mini for such a young kid, but I pulled the trigger when she was about to be 13 months. She loves it, and actually cares for it better than I expected her to. She’s working on setting it down more gently, but she loves having her own to carry around and dance to. I only give her a card every once and a while bc she mostly likes to put it in for 5-10 seconds and then take it out, then put it back in, over and over again. But she does great when I select a card she like in the app and play it on her mini. Anyways, I know you’re hesitant to get one at a young age, but I wanted to share our very positive experience with it. Now that I look back at my delivery date, she wasn’t even 13 months quite yet when we got it. Big brother is almost 4.5 and she’s going to be 14 months in two weeks.
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What about a toniebox?
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I got my 1.5 year old daughter the LeapFrog for Christmas when her 3.5 year old brother got his Yoto. It’s worked well for us. She still wants his Yoto, but I can usually redirect her to her music box. She grabs it and plays songs independently too. It’s VERY durable. I wish I had gotten her headphones with it, to make it more like the Yoto. I think she’ll get a Yoto for next Christmas.
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We have the mini but use the leap frog often also from our phone.
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Personally I'd get the yoto mini for her, then they can share cards etc. She may still like his yoto even with her own player 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm in the same situation with my 2 and we're considering getting a second yoto for younger sibling. Good luck choosing, so many options out there. X
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We have a lot of appointments so we use both the Let's Record and the LeapFrog on the go Story Pal. We use the Story Pal more because it is very compact.
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Following! I’m also considering a mini for my 1yo. Seems a bit excessive but I also think the mini would be great for travel. We’re navigating “mine” and “yours” and it’s tricky with these big ticket items. Oldest has had hers for over 6mo now and it’s hers, but now that baby is interested it would be nice to get a mini they can share.
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Why waste money on something you know isn’t what you really want long term? The $ you spend on that item could go toward a yoto.

I would just wait until you feel you are ready. Maybe look at investing in the table top regular yoto.
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Same and it was a good idea to get a second yoto for us. They learn quickly
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