Oh god I could seriously cry 😫 Yoto mini got dropped in water and it is not going to be a good time waiting for it to dr

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Oh god I could seriously cry 😫 Yoto mini got dropped in water and it is not going to be a good time waiting for it to dry out and even worse if it’s done for 😭 Son is neurodiverse and it’s like a security blanket for him (note to self, get back up!). We put it in rice, is that the best thing to do please? 🤞
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Post by John »

Yeah rice has been shown to do nothing. Loads of silica bags on the other hand are much more absorbing.

Generally a few days to dry out naturally is best.
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Do not use heat on it to dry. I used a hairdryer on my phone and killed it completely. I think letting it dry out naturally is the best way.
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Our mini broke. And while we wait for the replacement from yoto we’ve been using an old phone. We have the app downloaded and our son plays stuff from there. Not ideal but works for the interim
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Try a dehumidifier if you have one.
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I tried the silica pkts and after 2 days it still had visible moisture. I switched to putting it on my floor vent upside down. At the time it was blowing warm air (it was during winter) but constantly blowing AC air might work just as well.
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Yes get silica packets on Amazon. It's the packets they use in food to pull moisture. Place it in a bag with tons of silica packets to pull the moister out!
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You’re better off providing a very dry environment. Blow a fan (not heat on it) and a dehumidifier if you have one. If you’re in a dry area you might be fine. Silica packets can work too but you have to put a LOT in a sealed container with it. Also ask your local phone repair shop. They might have some silica or other tools for drying.
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If you bought with a credit card check for extended coverage!
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Overnight yourself some silica gel packets from Amazon. Don’t turn it on in the meantime. It’s the combination of moisture and an electrical current that will short in out. I’d personally leave it closed up with silica gel for a week. A gallon size zip bag would be fine.
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