How do you store your Tonies?

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Post by Kayleigh »

How do you store your Tonies?

We have this shelf from IKEA and I glued coins to the underneath to be able to hold all of our currents ones on one shelf.
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Post by Bolter »

Love this‼️
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Post by Jade »

So clever!!!
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Post by Sharlaine »

That’s SUCH a good idea!
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Post by Rachel »

I haven't quite decided how to store them yet...but they keep getting lost so definitely need to figure something out 🙄
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Post by Katie »

We are painting this wall shelf we bought! It’s amazing and was only £30 for the whole thing and is designed for the toniebox and the charger!
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Post by Ria0 »

This triggered my OCD haha. We have that Ikea shelf and I just can't put anything other than Tonies on it 😄 my son lined up his Playmobil figures on one of the shelves but I had to remove them lol.
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Post by Gwen »

I need to do this 🙌🏼
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Post by Gigi »

Anyone is offloading tonie shelves here😜😜
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