We have had the mini for our 3yo and 2yo to use at bedtime for less than a week. Prior to that 3yo was using big one and

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my 2.5 year old doesn't sleep well, and we've been listening to Forest of Sleep during bath time and it really helps her "wind down"
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Hopefully ours will replace our Hatch sound machine 🤞🏽 we are getting YOTO for Easter!! I have a 9B 5G and 2G I got a mini and original so we can put in separate bedrooms! I’ll still read a bed time book but hopefully this will help when they still need some down time before bed
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Update: The magic continued to work last night too!
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My daughter is about to turn 3 and she has always been a terrible sleeper! We are getting our first Yoto for her for her birthday in 2 weeks for exactly this reason.

And now that I have gone down the Yoto rabbit hole, I am pretty sure we will be getting my oldest one as well for his 6th birthday in April. He uses a Bluetooth speaker to listen to podcasts from my phone at night, but I would love to be able to have him do this independently and reclaim my phone in the evening. 😄
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The Forest of Sleep is GOAT. My 2yo listens to it maybe 4+x a week. I wish the creators came out with more. He’s completely uninterested in any of the other mediation cards because they take too long getting to the story. I’m sure when he’s older he will like them. And I’ve used them for myself. But I can’t find anything equal to the power of his “Sam Story”
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This helped my 5 yo daughter get to sleep x
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