Just heard the dreaded sound for the first time (although my 5yo piped up immediately to say "that happens sometime

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Post by Giselle »

Just heard the dreaded sound for the first time (although my 5yo piped up immediately to say "that happens sometimes"). I'm 99% sure it's an issue with WiFi/undownloaded cards. I put the same card in again and had "a man's voice" saying "there was an error playing this content" - which may account for the other occasional comments about a strange voice.

Anyway, it's playing now without any issues!
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Post by Amy0 »

What is the “dreaded sound”? Is it a sort of screeching noise? I heard something similar on my sons Yoto a couple of weeks ago but now I think about it, it was the first time playing a card so could be something to do with not being downloaded properly.
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Post by Adrianna »

We get that error message constantly. Like 10 plus times a day. It’s annoying but not a Wi-Fi issue.
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Post by Isabelle »

It’s only happened to us while trying to download cards, so I suspect the culprit is the download.
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Post by Christine »

It happens to us when we have yoto radio playing, so it’s not necessarily a card issue. Some days it happens a lot, some days not at all.
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Post by Michaela »

We’ve had issues with the loud screeching noise a few times which has scared my son so much. The few times we’ve had the issue, it’s been when we’re far from our Wi-Fi router. The cards were fully downloaded so my guess is trying to connect? Idk but it’s frustrating bc we can’t predict when it’ll happen and it’s in the bedrooms where they have quiet time.
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Post by Michelle »

We get that sound when on long car journeys and for our yoto it unfortunately can’t be turned off so keeps doing it until the batteries run out. Doesn’t do it any other time 🤷‍♀️
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