If you had to choose one which would you choose? Looking for insight from those who have both of these sets.

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Post by Kaitlin »

If you had to choose one which would you choose? Looking for insight from those who have both of these sets.
Our boys (ages newly 4 and 1.5 yrs) enjoy Peter Rabbit books as well as Classical music.
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Post by Jennifer »

Peter rabbit set. We have one Peter rabbit card and my almost 8 yo loves it. We have all the classical cards and no one listens to them.
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Post by Spring »

Peter rabbit
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Post by Emily »

I'd get the Peter Rabbit set because I can get cheap or free music a lot easier than I can get stories.
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Post by Amelia »

We don’t have the Peter rabbit set yet, but I say the classical cards are worth it if your kids like classical music. My almost-2 year old likes all of them.
What’s really nice about the album is that the volume level is very even. We’ve done a lot of MYO of classical music, but the range of dynamics doesn’t come through well when you make it into a card. They really did a great job putting together the tracks.
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Post by Yese »

The music collection is lovely.
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Post by Lauren »

Personally the music collection. But my two year old is obsessed with Little Einsteins and gets so excited listening to classical music.
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Post by Meagan »

Peter Rabbit. They’re so sweet, especially if you have the book set.

My girls enjoy the classical music as well, but we prefer MYO of other pieces.
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Post by Victoria »

My son loves Beatrix Potter books we read them from about 3.5 and he is now 5 but didn’t like listening to them as audio stories. We tried two different narrators but just wasn’t keen. Might be worth trying a sample or download before committing. We have one of the classical music cards and we all enjoy it but I didn’t think having a whole set would add much for us as he tends to like the same cards repeated
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Both. We listen to a Beatrix Potter story for bedtime, and play the classical music cards during the day.
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