We have had the mini for our 3yo and 2yo to use at bedtime for less than a week. Prior to that 3yo was using big one and

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We have had the mini for our 3yo and 2yo to use at bedtime for less than a week. Prior to that 3yo was using big one and 2yo was missing out and I could see the benefits for 2yo.

Since last Thursday I’ve been using forest of sleep with 2yo whilst he falls asleep and then when he wakes up to get him back to sleep. The last 2 days I started playing it from the app before I went in. Last night by the time I did the very short walk to his bedroom he was already back to sleep! 🥳 I’m so incredibly pleased with this, it could be complete fluke but I hope not.
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Yoto has massively helped us with my 4 year old going to sleep. He used to insist one of us stayed with him but would take forever to go to sleep, chatting and bouncing around. Now we can get him to stay in bed listening to Yoto and nine times out of ten we can leave the room after 10 mins and he will go to sleep himself. Hope it continues for you.
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My kids listen to the sleep radio. I still lay down with our three year old to put him to sleep. Problem is, instead of sneaking out when he falls asleep, I fall asleep too! 🤣😴
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We have a couple of meditation cards too and use with my almost 3yrs old- bed time meditation and magical bed time meditation from Yoto club. Really good ! We also use the night radio that plays calm music when getting ready to bed.
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🏃🏻‍♀️ Runs straight to Yoto website to order for her two year old 🤣
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Yes there’s been a handful of times my 2.5 yo woke up and I put her Yoto back on from
The app w/out going back to her room and she’s gone back to sleep! 🎉 that in itself makes it worth every penny! My 7yo puts her own player back on in the middle of the night instead of coming to get us.
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Both my children found this card creepy 🤷‍♀️
They’d rather listen to the annoying peppa pig to fall asleep to 🙄😂
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Yoto is the only reason my one year old now sleeps through the night in his own crib! He love sleepy time which is mostly music with a little talking and it starts off a little silly and then gets more and more calming. He falls asleep to it every night and I’ll turn it on if he wakes up in the night. Highly recommend it!
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This is my 5 year olds favourite card!
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This never fails to send my 6 Yr old to sleep either. She has it several times a week.
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